Mitel 5320


Mitel 5320 16-Key LCD IP Phone

A LCD phone with 16 self-labeling keys


Mitel 5320 IP Phone  16-Ley LCD VoIP Phones

OfficeSuite 16-Key LCD IP Phone

Powerful features right at your fingertips



The OfficeSuite 16-Key LCD Phone station is a Mitel 5320 phone that delivers easy-to-use, one-touch access to many phone features and applications in an exciting next generation desktop device. It is a feature-rich, multi-line IP speakerphone that supports organizations and users who customize their telephone feature set to match their changing needs. This includes managers, professionals and teleworkers as well as contact center/help desk agents. Its features focus on flexibility, speed, and ease of use.



Size: 9.2″ x 7.5″ x 7.1???
Weight: 2.2 lbs
AC Adapter Output: 48 DC 250mA LAN POE
Input: 110V 50-60 Hz or 220V 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 4.3 W


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