File Manager


I???m sure in some way your company, like many other companies in the New York Metro Area experienced Hurricane Sandy. Not only were a lot of homes without power, but many businesses, maybe even yours were also down, some for days. If we could predict that there never would be another ???Sandy??? there would be no need for this paragraph. Sorry to say, but due to crazy weather patterns, there will be another Sandy ??? ARE YOU PREPARED FOR IT?

DashTel can prevent your business Data Systems being out of commission.

This is a standard feature of Cloud Services from DashTel. Our Cloud Services also provide you with Backup Storage for your Data files. YOU WILL NEVER LOSE YOUR DATA FILES IF YOUR COMPUTERS CRASH WITH ANOTHER HURRICANE SANDY!

Also with our File Manager you can do Business centric file sharing and FTP hosting for business of all sizes. Your employees and clients will have an easy way to manage and share files securely from anywhere through a branded interface. Unlimited users, activity logs, e-mail notifications, and much more!