Hosted PBX & VoIP Service Features

Service Features:


  • Account Codes
  • Auto- Attendant
  • Auto- Attendant Nested
  • Auto-Generated Key Labels
  • Broadcast Groups
  • Business Quality Voice Lines
  • Call Coverage & Do Not Disturb
  • Call Coverage Incoming Call Routing
  • Call Detail Records, (day, week, month)
  • Call Center Tools (ACD Services)
  • Call Forward
  • Call Hold
  • Call Hinting ( circular and linear)
  • Call Park/Retrieve
  • Call Permissions Profiles (by user)
  • Call Transfer
  • Caller ID with Name
  • Callers List ( inbound & outbound)
  • Click-to-Call from OWL Portal
  • E911 Compliant
  • Extension Dialing (3 or 4 digit)
  • Headset Capable
  • Hot Desking/ Multidesking
  • Intercom
  • Join/ Leave Call Groups
  • Join/ Merge Calls
  • Multiple CLIDs
  • Multiple Business Hours
  • Multiple Line Appearances
  • Music on Hold
  • Mute
  • My Phone Web Page
  • Online Management ( user and tenant)
  • Online self-help Documentation
  • Phone Directory Employee
  • Phone Directory External
  • Phone Key Profiles (by user type)
  • Power over Ethernet Phones
  • Private CLIDs
  • Programmable Keys
  • Redial
  • Redirect Emergency Forwarding
  • Site Page (via speakerphone)
  • Speakerphone
  • Speed Dial, one-touch
  • Station Busy Lamp Indicator Silent
  • Three-way Calling
  • Transfer Direct to Voice Mail
  • Visual Voice Mail Web Site
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice Mail Auto- Forward all to e-mail ID
  • Voice Mail Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
  • Voice Mail, Return Call During VM Retrieval
  • Voice Mail, Forward to Co-Worker Ext.
  • Voice Mail, Smartphone App
  • Voice Mail Notification via e-mail or SMS
  • Zero Out of Voice Mail personal target




Three way Calling: While connected with another party, simply flash over on your phone device and dial out. Flash back and all three parties will be joined on one line.

911,411, and Operator Services: All accounts come with 911 service enabled. 411 “Information” (Directory Assistance) and Operator Services. *Please use your account to keep the most updated address on file for 911 Services, this allows the Operator to see the correct address when you call.

Advanced Call Forwarding: At the click of a button, instantly forward all calls to an alternative phone number of your choosing

Anonymous Call Rejection: Incoming callers with caller-ID blocking enabled, when ringing a line with anonymous call rejection, will hear a message stating that this line does not accept calls from callers who block their number.

Call Logs: View a simple list of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Call Waiting: lets you receive and answer an incoming call when you’re already engaged in an active call.

Caller ID Block: Allows you to block your number from being displayed through Caller ID, and can either be done permanently or temporarily.

Caller ID: All accounts include fully functional Caller ID with both name and number.

Direct International Dialing: allows caller to dial direct to an overseas number without using an operator.

Directory Listing: Your Business information is given to yellow page type directory listings and online.

Do Not Disturb: Can block all calls, so as not to be disrupted my incoming calls.

Online Dashboard: Save time and view all of your key information like usage or billing, and monitor everything all in one place.

Optional Non-Local Number: Are unique, different phone numbers in different area codes, you can more easily connect to customers in those areas by allowing them to make local calls to you.(incoming only).

Toll Free Numbers Available: Allow clients to call you at no cost to them.

Business Group CNAMs: Set a business level outbound caller ID, this is so that calls received by customers show up with your business name.

Enhanced Features

Disaster Recovery* if business or phone systems goes down call forwarding can be utilized to forward business calls to any other phone lines, i.e. home or cell phones.

Data Backup USA if a computer crashes, we can provide the Data Backup to files submitted to us by customer.

Small Business Package at $19.95 we will supply your business with an internet directory listing with a link to a website we provide for you, and we will list the website with 200 search engines.


*Disaster Recovery only available on VoIP