Hosted PBX – VoIP

New York VoIPDashTel is a leading Hosted PBX VoIP provider offering low cost, quality communication services for both business and residential class needs. Here’s how we can help with business VoIP:

  • Quick installation. No Need for closets full of equipment.
  • Simple to maintain. We take out the hassle of configuring and updates.
  • Cut your phone bill up to 45%-65% over traditional phone lines.

With easy access to quality internet connectivity, VoIP internet phone services produce exceptional voice quality for the New York area at a fraction of the price of traditional phone lines. If your company does not yet use a Hosted VoIP solution, now is the time to look into this option. Receive Fortune 500 business VoIP services at small business costs.

Why DashTel Small Business VoIP?
Many New York companies use Hosted PBX business VoIP services because they helps them lower operating costs and can cut their phone bills with internet phone services. DashTel is the top business choice for Hosted VoIP services in New York because our systems are scalable and will grow as your company grows. Our Hosted VoIP internet service network is based on top-quality equipment, connectivity and best-practice architecture. We follow up our advanced Hosted VoIP capabilities with industry-leading customer support and competitive pricing for the New York area.

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Small Business

$29.99 per phone line, No Contract

$24.99 per phone line, 1 year contract

Unlimited Local and Domestic Interstate Long Distance calls

*Intrastate and International rate at 1 minute billing increments available on our website
*Alaska & Hawaii at 3.5 per minute increments available on our website
*E911 cost at $1.99 per month additional